Steve Rich and The Hills

After some pretty troubled times, (Steve spent most of his late teens and twenties in a haze of alcohol and substance abuse), Steve Rich has really pulled himself together. After recently playing the legendary folk/blues venue The Troubadour, Steve is set to release latest single ‘Somebody Someday’. Paired with beautifully  honest lyrics, is a surprisingly uplifting melody that will sit well on any summer evening. We’re a little bit in love with this track.

If this band were a biscuit, they’d be: a penguin bar.


Night Moves

This surreal, trippy video comes to you courtesy of Night Moves. The Domino-signed band have numerous inspirations,  from Pink Floyd and Todd Rundgren to Curtis Mayfield and Neil Young. Night Moves’ debut album blends both psychedelia and Americana, with modest bursts of soul and pop.

If this band were a biscuit they’d be: a pink panther wafer.

Dinosaur Bones


Toronto based Dinosaur Bones are all set for the release of their latest album this week…. They must be terrified after the success of the previous album! Fortunately – it seems it will live up to expectations.

This beaut of a track, ‘Spins in Circles’ is the free single from the upcoming sophomore album, Shaky Dream, which will be available to download from TOMORROW. Get on it people.

Carousel – ‘Wolf’s Awake’

The latest from indie pop duo Carousel is the cute and catchy ‘Wolf’s Awake’ single. The pair from Brooklyn have the capacity to come up with some nice vintage synth sounds and layer this with delicate vocal melodies and palm-muted guitar riffs. Essential listening.