Eden Royals Set For New Release

If you love your indie music and haven’t heard of Eden Royals yet, then you’re in for a treat. The Essex based band make a wonderfully funky and infectious brand of indie-guitar pop that oozes that British home-grown music quality.

The group haven’t had a release for a while now, since they’ve been touring in America with platinum selling band, Third Eye Blind, but now they’ve returned with more experience to release their new single ‘Time Won’t Wait’ on March 10th, which is taken from the EP of the same name.

Eden Royals consists of Lloyd Buck, John Ryder, Kenny Cole and Sean Quigley, and the boys have varying musical backgrounds. John used to be in a Beatles tribute band called The Day Trippers, whilst Lloyd had featured in music videos for Paul McCartney and Pete Doherty. They have all brought their relevant experience to the band and the result is one of chemistry and powerful dynamics that make them one to watch for the future.

They’ve even played at Liverpool’s Sound City festival where they shared a stage with King Krule, Bastille and Peace and the Daily Mirror voted them as one of their top bands.

Although the single isn’t out until next month, you can listen to some of the band’s previous work here, including the catchy track ‘Close To The Sun’.




The New Album ‘Leaves, Sadness, Science’ by Marilyn Carino

Marilyn Carino is an experienced artist who has collaborated and shared stages with a number of notable musicians including Samuel T. Herring (Future Islands), Black Star, David Byrne and renowned producers Sly and Robbie, but she has recently released her second solo album that truly displays her quality as an experimental musician.

Having released her debut record, Little Genius, in 2011, Carino has developed her sound further encapsulating dynamic electronic vibes with hints of many other genres which only add to the experimentation. Leaves, Sadness, Science fuses elements of hip-hop and soul with Marilyn’s signature vocals, making for a potent combination, unheard of anywhere else.

Marilyn played every role in the creation of the new album, writing, recording and mastering it all to her high production standards. The outcome is a collection spacey and moody grooves, driven by synths and complex beats, covering topics as varied as sex and radical self-expression.

Carino was also the founder of vintage-electro group, Mudville, who won best song at the 2008 Independent Music Awards. From this experience, Marilyn has become a supremely talented musician with endless ideas and ambition that makes her music stand out from the crowd.

Find out more on Marilyn Carino here:







Happyness and Felix White Team Up For Live Sessions

Indie lovers will rejoice when they hear that London based Indie youngsters, Happyness, joined up with Felix White of The Maccabees for their Yala! Sessions version of their single, ‘Tunnel Vision On Your Part’.

Yala Records was in fact set up by White following the split of the Maccabees and they are beginning to work with small growing acts for a label/club night.

The tune is a real grower and takes a while to build up, but it’s well worth the wait once the overdriven guitars kick in, contrasted with the pleasing piano hook.

Adam Lanceley recalls the good times with ‘Those Rose Tinted Days’

The latest single from the ever-determined, London-based singer-songwriter, Adam Lanceley, aims to bring some West Coast sunshine to the British weather. Listen to ‘Those Rose Tinted Days’ here:



Although Adam’s musical style is difficult to pin down due to his use of unconventional instrumentation and old-skool recording methods, he takes inspiration from an eclectic range of artists including The Beach Boys, REM, Roy Orbison and even the Rolling Stones.

‘Those Rose Tinted Days’ is a powerful, reminiscent anthem driven by sun-drenched guitar riffs and backed up with Adam’s punchy vocal stylings that reflect his honest and considered song writing process. When it comes to lyrical inspiration, Adam’s mantra ‘as long as it means something to you’ makes itself evident through contemplative topics and cryptic poetics.








Welsh singer-songwriter Chey’s indie pop anthem ‘Dirty Love’

Described by former English cricketer Mike Gatting as ‘The Girl With The Golden Tonsils’, Welsh singer-songwriter Chey is known for her powerful vocals. She demonstrates this in her debut single ‘Dirty Love’, which is a huge power ballad, proving Chey is ready to take on the big time.

Ready to break out from her small Welsh village, Chey worked alongside top London producer David Ezra to form the perfect debut. David says “I loved Chey’s voice and I was looking forward to working with her on the new single, I brought in Shakil Hussain, a songwriter also from London to join us and within a day we had written and recorded Dirty Love.”

The single takes a unique view upon a love affair where the women is in control of what happens next. Chey aimed to emphasise the power of women and how she uses her own sexuality to get what she wants.

 Listen to ‘Dirty Love’ here:

‘Sandman’ by Trudy And The Romance

Liverpool based trio, Trudy and the Romance have somewhat shifted their styles between releases so far but ‘Sandman’ exhibits the band at their sprawling indie-rock best.

This time round, there is an orderly chaos to their sound recalling the likes of early noughties indie outfits such as The Libertines, but nonetheless, there is also a distinct britishness to their vibe.

The band have recently being playing support for The Big Moon on their national tour but if the boys from Liverpool can keep making stuff like ‘Sandman’, then they’ll be sure to headlining a tour of their own in the very near future.

‘Love Songs For Scarlett’: Debut EP from Tuffet Bunnies

‘Love Songs For Scarlett’ is the debut EP from Los Angeles based folk musician Clem Darling, who is otherwise known as Tuffet Bunnies.

The debut EP from the folk artist is a collection of love songs (as you can tell from the name) dedicated to Darling’s circus performer girlfriend.

Clem describes the songs as though ‘they’ve been  written by a bunch of gypsies that popped out of the back of a caravan’ and if that isn’t a reason to listen to the EP then I’m not sure what is!

Darling’s grandmother was always the biggest fan of his work, but the holocaust survivor sadly passed away recently. However, Clem continues to write honest, charming songs in the same manner that pleased his grandmother.

Since playing in garage-rock bands and performing with the likes of Jucifier, Two Cow Garage and Carson McHone, Darling has moved away from this genre in favour of his new folk-rock-pop sound.

Find out more on Tuffet Bunnies here:







Kid Cupid release the atmospheric ‘Broken Down’

You may not have heard of Kid Cupid yet, but you’re certain to in the near future. With a stunningly contemporary electro-pop vibe, comparable to that of London Grammar and The XX, the band are making waves in the scene with their beautifully melodic track, ‘Broken Down’.

The London based group have a unique approach to songwriting, tackling the bigger issues at hand, instead of adhering to the convention of songs about love and relationships. This is exemplified clearly in ‘Broken Down’ which addresses the idea of someone fighting back against an oppressive force and making a change for the better.

Kid Cupid focus on musical elements that complement lead vocalist Laura Shaw’s strong and charming voice. Layered vocals are also used in a number of their tracks, whereby the band join their vocals together, creating a deep, enchanting sound. Geordie singer Shaw is also an advocate for equality in the music industry and feels strongly about current attitudes worldwide towards gender divides, which clearly has an influence on the music of Kid Cupid.

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‘Happy Matters’- Everything Under

Electro-rock band Everything Under have followed up their storming single ‘Team’ with the equally 80s infused ‘Happy Matters’.

Aiming to reinvent the electronic rock genre and make it more accessible to all, EU have developed their industrial sound, blending 80s synth-pop with a dark, brooding overtone.

After losing his sister in a car crash, front-man, Mark J. Heidecke diverted his grief by enrolling at a digital arts college in California where he learnt the trades of sound design, music theory and performance. Alongside Mark’s sound engineering techniques, he also taught himself how to play guitar and keyboard, with which he authored 34 new EU tracks that were mastered by world renowned sound engineer Bernie Grundman.

Eventually moving back to Illinois, Mark quickly employed the talents of Jeff Lane and Kevin T. Jones who completed the band’s lineup.

‘Happy Matters’ is also accompanied by a psychedelic music video that perfectly visualizes the vibe of Everything Under’s music.





Mark L. Oakes releases ideal soundtrack for a karmic road trip with album ‘Call Me The Moon’

Belgian singer-songwriter, engineer and producer Mark L. Oakes releases the ideal soundtrack for a karmic road trip with his debut album ‘Call Me The Moon’. The raw honest album was tracked at Mark’s home studio and finalised with the help of London cellist Ben Trigg. Finally it was mastered by Grammy award winner Gavin Lurseen, giving it a real professional fresh sound.

Oakes’ idols shine through within the album with obvious inspiration from the likes of Neil Young, Tucker Zimmerman and Ryan Adams. The album takes you on a musical journey with tracks such as ‘Shredded Jeans’ having a softer tone but ‘Aloof Again’ taking a harsher sound.

Listen to ‘Shredded Jeans’ from the album here: