The Sheratons- Better Days


sheratonsProbably the best things to come out of Bingley (not quite Bradford, but not quite Leeds either), The Sheratons have been described as a good, young, old-fashioned indie-pop band. You can see exactly why in the first ten second of their new track ‘Better Days’.

It begins with a catchy bassline and drum beat, swiftly followed by a string of groovy guitar riffs that can be compared to the like of The La’s for some, but at the same time has similarities to The Cure’s breeziness and groove. Leaing-man, Kane Bulleyment’s vocals contribute a gruff and gritty sound, adding to the pure indie band-esque qualities. A stand out feature of this track is the two guitar solos, showcasing lead guitarist Kane Bulleyment’s skills. Nowadays most tracks seem to lack these 1980 style Marr-like guitar solos, however, The Sheratons seem to effortlessly specialise in this almost extincted musical merriment.

This band may be part of the return of the well-loved Paisley Underground movement from the 1980s, which saw the rise of bands such as The Bangles and The Chills during it’s prime. This brings music fans from the 80s together with the new generation of indie music lovers to fuse together to create a unique fan-base for the young band who’s sound is said to be agelessly reassuring, which certainly makes sense with the 80s indie vibes it seeps.

The Sheratons comprise of Kane Bulleyment (lead guitar and vocals), James Jowett (bass guitar and vocals), Finley Ryan (rhythm guitar and vocals) and Emma Liu (drums), each with a very individual style in all senses, from Kane’s James Dean cool to Finley’s Doc Marten ska, but with a sound that is ageless and reassuring. There is a lot of promise for this young band.

You can listen to ‘Better Days’ here:

You can also see them on tour on these dates:


15th – Venue, Skipton

16th – Steeton Club, Bradford

19th – West Street Live, Sheffield

22nd – Manchester Academy, Manchester


7th – The Exchange, Bradford

14th – Indie Week Uk – Jimmys, Manchester

21st – The Zanzibar Club, Liverpool


18th – The Lending Room, Leeds



Superfood- Bambino


Words: Dylan Salter-Payne

It’s been 3 years since the release of Superfood’s first album Don’t Say That, but I can safely say that Bambino is well worth the wait. During their time off, they’ve shifted from a quartet to a duo – emerging with a markedly different sound to the first album. As front man Dom described it ‘beat orientated funk with a rock edge’.

Bambino is an experiment with sound, and you can tell the duo have had fun producing this record. There are playful echoes throughout, from the first released ‘Double Dutch’ to the title itself. Dom describes it as ‘a fitting title because we were playing really, experimenting’ which you can see from the real variation between tracks on the album. There’s infectiously energetic songs like ‘Unstoppable’, which features a sample from Prince Buster, juxtaposed with slower paced tracks like ‘Wibble Mtn’ and ‘C is for Colour’ that veer into electronic territory.

A reoccurring theme in every song however, is the impressive fusion of textures and shifting tempos which make it constantly exciting. This blend of sound is definitely going to make for fantastic festival sets as the band are making appearances at Reading and Leeds, Beyond The Tracks and Festival No.6 before they head off on their October UK headline tour.

There’s no stopping Superfood either, as in November they’re on the road again supporting Wolf Alice, giving them the opportunity to bring their distinctive music to huge venues and ‘realise visually and sonically in big venues’ what the Superfood experience really is. From speaking to Dom it’s clear he’s passionate about the future for the band and sees Bambino as a platform from which they can keep developing and delving into how their sound can evolve.

Against the competitive backdrop of Birmingham with indie heavy hitters like Peace and Jaws, Bambino is a statement from Superfood that they can definitely hold their own. In our interview, Dom hinted that the next album is already in the works so I can only hope it comes sooner rather than later, as if the duo can keep producing this fresh and indisputably unique sound big things are sure to come.

Bambino will be released on the 8th September 2017.

Five O Five: Young Italian indie band delivers new single

A group of four determined 18 year olds emerges from the east coast of Italy to bring you a an indie sound resembling The Arctic Monkeys, with their new single “Where They Bring Sophie.” From their recently recorded record @Y&! with Giuseppe Fiori as their producer, this single exemplifies well done garage indie-rock, with poppy undertones, starting in with a catchy guitar riff and banger beat. It’s vibrant and fast paced, clocking in at just over 2 minutes bursting with youthful sound.

Inspired originally by the likes of The Beatles, The White Stripes and The Arctic Monkeys, members Piero and Andrea took a shot at their own music, finding an extreme, unstoppable passion. Ricardo and Alessandro joined the line-up later on, and they had themselves a killer act. The band has been known to take an experimental approach to songwriting, using a cultivation of random non-sensical keyboard and animal noise and turning it into a polished, legit sound. Their live repertoire includes playing at the Adriatic Bowl for the International Skate Contest, seating 2500 people.

We can expect to see great things from these guys in the future. There’s never too many young Italian indie bands out there right?

-words by Daniel Hunwick

Pallab and his debut album, ‘Grey Day’

Pallab Sarker, a singer-songwriter from Walthamstow, is set to release his debut album, ‘Grey Day’, in the autumn, after landing a record deal with Bongo Boy Records in the USA recently. His hit single, ‘Morning in Brixton’, loved especially by college radio stations in the USA, is the reason for this success.

His songs are both beautiful and emotional, including the track, ‘The Station’, which takes listeners on a charming journey. Pallab’s vocals and his fabulous poetry, influenced by his mother, who was a poet and storyteller as Pallab was growing up, are complemented by the gorgeous harmonies created by the guitar, with sad, but captivating string instruments on lots of his tracks, enticing us into the story.


‘Morning in Brixton’, a soft soulful indie song, sharing Pallab’s thoughts and feelings, with a magnificent instrumental, this song can be listened to on repeat due to the enticing atmosphere it creates. Pallab, however, uses a variety of musical styles, and ‘Not Gonna Fall in Love with You’, is a more dynamic, toe-tapping track with a superb beat and catchy melody and lyrics.

Pallab has incredible vocals which lure in a wide audience to his ballad style songs, which blends remarkably with the outstanding harmonies. Pallab is hoping to release a lot more music, and tour the UK and US later in the year, so make sure you don’t miss out on his journey or his debut album, ‘Grey Day’, coming out soon.

Go check out Pallab Sarker and his upcoming album release at…

Salute Music Makers Competition

Ever thought all the X-Factor and The Voice contestants all seem pretty similar? The same sounding backing track? The same sort of songs? The same aspirations? Well, if this is something that sounds boring to you then the Salute Music Makers Competition may be for you. Representing a multi-cultural diversity, this new music competition platform empowers the singer/songwriter in all genres. The competition claims to ‘change the face of UK music’, with the cash prize of £50,000 to kick start your career in the music industry, on your own terms with no strings attached. It was the idea of entrepreneurs Lars Bylehn, Jean- Claude Charnier, Patrick Butterfield, Minesh Patel and Michael Bylehn and the face of the competition is ex-front-man of The Undertones Feargal Sharkey…. How exciting!

Their main aim is to redefine and reposition writers, whilst supporting and empowering DIY UK talent. Sounds great for aspiring musicians who are part of the next generation of unsigned artists. The idea behind the project is to create an accessible and fair opportunity for a diverse range of music makers to showcase their wide range of talents.

The competition features an app, where the ‘music makers’ will be allowed to upload an example of their music. Following this, a listening phase will follow. During this time, the Salute team, along with respected curators, will listen, rate and evaluate the applications, narrowing down the applicants to a top 100. The next step is a public vote to whittle the top 100 to a final 6, each of the top six will go home with £10,000 and participate in the Salute Finals TV show. The contestants are encouraged to perform their own material each week under a different theme. This helps to steer the competition away from the ‘karaoke style’ of other singing competitions.

You can enter the competition from April 27th until 30th July. The top 100 artists will be revealed by 15th October. GOOD LUCK.

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‘Live by Design’ – Ivy Nations

The Dublin based band ‘Ivy Nations’ are back with their latest offering of heavy synths and roaring chorus’ putting their own unique spin on the dance-rock genre.

The indie-quartet have already garnered quite a fan-base in their nascent career supporting the likes of Kodaline, The Strypes and The Academic off the back of a handful of releases.

Having worked with producer Phil Magee (Kodaline and The Script) the newest, is ‘Live By Design’ out on 7th April explores the pace of modern day life and technology.

Their cutting beats and heavy synths holds true to their energetic and dreamy identity but seems to be a big thrust forward in tempo.

The band we’ll be playing at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin on the day of the release. This will be a momentous occasion in their fledgling history arriving back at the venue they confessed was the best moment in music thus far.

Taking influence from the likes of ‘Vampire Weekend, Foals and Two Door Cinema Club’ ‘Live By Design’ produced and directed by Blacktooth Films is being released on Reckless Records.

Their fresh take on blending genre’s have Irish music mag ‘The Last Mixed Tape’ lauding the band as having ‘a refreshingly infectious take on the dance-rock genre. With such a vivid beginning, it’s exciting to think of where Ivy Nations will go from here.’




Adam Lanceley recalls the good times with ‘Those Rose Tinted Days’

The latest single from the ever-determined, London-based singer-songwriter, Adam Lanceley, aims to bring some West Coast sunshine to the British weather. Listen to ‘Those Rose Tinted Days’ here:


Although Adam’s musical style is difficult to pin down due to his use of unconventional instrumentation and old-skool recording methods, he takes inspiration from an eclectic range of artists including The Beach Boys, REM, Roy Orbison and even the Rolling Stones.

‘Those Rose Tinted Days’ is a powerful, reminiscent anthem driven by sun-drenched guitar riffs and backed up with Adam’s punchy vocal stylings that reflect his honest and considered song writing process. When it comes to lyrical inspiration, Adam’s mantra ‘as long as it means something to you’ makes itself evident through contemplative topics and cryptic poetics.