‘Live by Design’ – Ivy Nations

The Dublin based band ‘Ivy Nations’ are back with their latest offering of heavy synths and roaring chorus’ putting their own unique spin on the dance-rock genre.

The indie-quartet have already garnered quite a fan-base in their nascent career supporting the likes of Kodaline, The Strypes and The Academic off the back of a handful of releases.

Having worked with producer Phil Magee (Kodaline and The Script) the newest, is ‘Live By Design’ out on 7th April explores the pace of modern day life and technology.

Their cutting beats and heavy synths holds true to their energetic and dreamy identity but seems to be a big thrust forward in tempo.

The band we’ll be playing at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin on the day of the release. This will be a momentous occasion in their fledgling history arriving back at the venue they confessed was the best moment in music thus far.

Taking influence from the likes of ‘Vampire Weekend, Foals and Two Door Cinema Club’ ‘Live By Design’ produced and directed by Blacktooth Films is being released on Reckless Records.

Their fresh take on blending genre’s have Irish music mag ‘The Last Mixed Tape’ lauding the band as having ‘a refreshingly infectious take on the dance-rock genre. With such a vivid beginning, it’s exciting to think of where Ivy Nations will go from here.’








Adam Lanceley recalls the good times with ‘Those Rose Tinted Days’

The latest single from the ever-determined, London-based singer-songwriter, Adam Lanceley, aims to bring some West Coast sunshine to the British weather. Listen to ‘Those Rose Tinted Days’ here:



Although Adam’s musical style is difficult to pin down due to his use of unconventional instrumentation and old-skool recording methods, he takes inspiration from an eclectic range of artists including The Beach Boys, REM, Roy Orbison and even the Rolling Stones.

‘Those Rose Tinted Days’ is a powerful, reminiscent anthem driven by sun-drenched guitar riffs and backed up with Adam’s punchy vocal stylings that reflect his honest and considered song writing process. When it comes to lyrical inspiration, Adam’s mantra ‘as long as it means something to you’ makes itself evident through contemplative topics and cryptic poetics.








Jon McDevitt releases seasonal single ‘Father Christmas’ breaking away from the Christmas cliché

From creating the theme tune to the Channel 5 series ‘A Different Life’ to selling 2000 unsigned albums with his original band Geist, Jon McDevitt is no stranger to the music industry.

Jon is now involved in producing a 2016 Christmas single, a children’s song – the theme for Prime8, an educational eco-adventure game and website being launched in January 2017 and an album and further single to be released later in the year. The Christmas sing-along ‘Father Christmas’, is due to be released 25th November. It blends influences from The Smiths and Dexys Midnight Runners, forming an easy listen seasonal single.


Father Christmas’ doesn’t follow the Christmas cliché as the lyrics are carefully considered with the help of co-writer Dominic Hudson. Hudson plucked the original lyrics from elements of his own life as a parent who isn’t always able to be with his children. Although this was Hudson’s idea of the single, the theme of ‘Father Christmas missing from Christmas’ can be interpreted by anyone how they wish, making this Christmas single stand out from the crowd.

Whilst Jon takes on vocals and guitars, he is backed by a talented band of musicians including: Neil Tupman on Guitar; Bass Player Matt Francis; Drummer Stuart Francis;  Pianist  Dave Coston and Violin Player Anna Jenkins who has worked with the likes of Emily Barker, The Unthanks and Frank Turner when he opened the 2012 Olympics.

Stream ‘Father Christmas’ here:


Check out more of Jon McDevitt and his work online:





Lenny Bunn returns with classic Elvis Presley cover ‘Blueberry Hill’

After losing his adopted father, Lyddon Thompson, earlier this year, Lenny Bunn decided to dedicated a track to him. Being Thompson’s favourite track, Lenny felt covering the classic ‘Blueberry Hill’ a must.

Although a classic song, Lenny chose to add his own twist to the track by recording each instrument in different studios around the world. The cover features major artists such as Ibo from Jamaican reggae band Third World and singer-songwriter Melissa James.

Lenny has worked with massive musicians in the industry such as Razorlight, Scouting For Girls and Wilkinson but isn’t prepared to stop just yet.

Watch the video for ‘Blueberry Hill’ here:






Track review: ‘The Gone-Away World’ by Gerald Clark (The Great Divide)

Gerald Clark’s ‘The Gone-Away World’ is exactly the the kind of track you can imagine would provide the perfect soundtrack to a deep and meaningful film.

Honest lyrics and clean piano tones combine with pure vocals to create an evocative and thought provoking track that becomes even more emotive upon the introduction of the string section, which adds a sense of epic-ness to the track that one might compare with the likes of Elbow.

Held together by a simple drum beat, ‘The Gone-Away World’ Clark demonstrates simplistic songwriting at its best, where the lyrics and their meaning can take centre stage, rather than being overshadowed by the music.

The track, along with the other two on Clark’s Ibrahim EP, explore the feeling of being caught up between the ‘old world’ and the new, yet feeling a kind of loyalty to the traditions of the past and being unable to fully embrace the value system of the present.

Find out more on Gerald Clark here:





Do you love Line Mari’s ‘Haters’?

Musical princess of Norway, Line Mari, is quickly working her way into the UK music scene with her new single, ‘Haters’.

Following her previous release, ‘Crush’, Line Mari goes one step further with ‘Haters’, crafting a beautifully melodic and considered piece of indie-pop that makes for truly enjoyable listening.

The intro is a simplistic stripped back double act of piano and vocals that provides a fitting prelude to the catchy foot-tapping nature of the chorus. Lilting guitars add a brightness to the hook that juxtaposes, yet compliments the darker nature of Line Mari’s lyrics.

Line Mari was rather shy when she was younger but she claims this has helped her songwriting, giving her indispensable material to turn into quality music (as can be seen from the chorus line: ‘Haters will be haters’. As a result, there is a very personal feel to Line Mari’s music that is delivered expertly in her own crisp, distinctive voice.

Her talent does not stop at her songwriting, which is embellished by her ability to play piano, guitar, harmonica and even a little bit of the fiddle.

Having grown up in northern Norway, Line Mari witnessed the stunning spectacle of the norther lights on a number of occasions and her music, particularly ‘Haters’, feels like it would provide the ideal soundtrack to such a phenomenon.

Line Mari has worked with producer Rob Cass on her last single ‘Crush’, who himself has offered his services to the likes of Robbie Williams and Paloma Faith, so she is certainly one to look out for in the future – get on the Line Mari bandwagon now!






Track Review: Injin’s ‘Tennessee’

The mysterious Injin’s ‘Tennessee’ is a track of intrigue with a truly unique sound. Deep resonating synths combine with a swirling woodwind section to create a never-heard-before amalgamation of both natural and fabricated sounds.

The track will be sure to strike a chord with lovers of 80s music, with echoing vocals reminiscent of Jim Kerr (Simple Minds) and Holly Johnson (Frankie goes to Hollywood). On a more contemporary note, the distinctive synth-based heart of the track evokes hints of Baltimore indie-electro rockers, Future Islands.

If the track proves to stir your intrigue and wonder for Injin even more, get on over to his website where you can read up on his fascinating story as a musician.