Pallab and his debut album, ‘Grey Day’

Pallab Sarker, a singer-songwriter from Walthamstow, is set to release his debut album, ‘Grey Day’, in the autumn, after landing a record deal with Bongo Boy Records in the USA recently. His hit single, ‘Morning in Brixton’, loved especially by college radio stations in the USA, is the reason for this success.

His songs are both beautiful and emotional, including the track, ‘The Station’, which takes listeners on a charming journey. Pallab’s vocals and his fabulous poetry, influenced by his mother, who was a poet and storyteller as Pallab was growing up, are complemented by the gorgeous harmonies created by the guitar, with sad, but captivating string instruments on lots of his tracks, enticing us into the story.


‘Morning in Brixton’, a soft soulful indie song, sharing Pallab’s thoughts and feelings, with a magnificent instrumental, this song can be listened to on repeat due to the enticing atmosphere it creates. Pallab, however, uses a variety of musical styles, and ‘Not Gonna Fall in Love with You’, is a more dynamic, toe-tapping track with a superb beat and catchy melody and lyrics.

Pallab has incredible vocals which lure in a wide audience to his ballad style songs, which blends remarkably with the outstanding harmonies. Pallab is hoping to release a lot more music, and tour the UK and US later in the year, so make sure you don’t miss out on his journey or his debut album, ‘Grey Day’, coming out soon.

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Adam Lanceley recalls the good times with ‘Those Rose Tinted Days’

The latest single from the ever-determined, London-based singer-songwriter, Adam Lanceley, aims to bring some West Coast sunshine to the British weather. Listen to ‘Those Rose Tinted Days’ here:


Although Adam’s musical style is difficult to pin down due to his use of unconventional instrumentation and old-skool recording methods, he takes inspiration from an eclectic range of artists including The Beach Boys, REM, Roy Orbison and even the Rolling Stones.

‘Those Rose Tinted Days’ is a powerful, reminiscent anthem driven by sun-drenched guitar riffs and backed up with Adam’s punchy vocal stylings that reflect his honest and considered song writing process. When it comes to lyrical inspiration, Adam’s mantra ‘as long as it means something to you’ makes itself evident through contemplative topics and cryptic poetics.




Welsh singer-songwriter Chey’s indie pop anthem ‘Dirty Love’

Described by former English cricketer Mike Gatting as ‘The Girl With The Golden Tonsils’, Welsh singer-songwriter Chey is known for her powerful vocals. She demonstrates this in her debut single ‘Dirty Love’, which is a huge power ballad, proving Chey is ready to take on the big time.

Ready to break out from her small Welsh village, Chey worked alongside top London producer David Ezra to form the perfect debut. David says “I loved Chey’s voice and I was looking forward to working with her on the new single, I brought in Shakil Hussain, a songwriter also from London to join us and within a day we had written and recorded Dirty Love.”

The single takes a unique view upon a love affair where the women is in control of what happens next. Chey aimed to emphasise the power of women and how she uses her own sexuality to get what she wants.

 Listen to ‘Dirty Love’ here:

The Senti-Mentals release humorous seasonal single ‘You Show Me Yours At Xmas’

 The Senti-Mentals escape the Christmas song cliche with ‘You Show Me Yours At Xmas’ accompanied by a hilarious animated music video. The duo have developed the doo-wop sound, adding a punk poet edge like no other. Consisting of Paul Eccentric and John Dobinson, The Senti-Mentals are ready to change the meaning of a Christmas classic.

‘You Show Me Yours At Xmas’ follows the story of an anti-hero and his attempts to pull anything with a pulse. Eccentric and Dobinson explain that there’s always  “that one guy from accounts who assumes that every lady in the office wants to go home with him but he couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Listen to ‘You Show Me Yours At Xmas’ here:



Corinna Jane releases live video for quirky ‘Three Faces Of You’

From supporting Leddra Chapman to being a guest vocalist on one of DJ Mark-Oh’s track, independent singer-songwriter Corinna Jane has already got her foot in the door. Corinna has created her own unique style driven by her quirky personality. With a background in acting, presenting and modelling, she has never been afraid to be herself. This is shown in her feisty single ‘Three Faces Of You’, which was released with a live video. The video has strong resemblance to the likes of Fleetwood Mac and No Doubt.

Corinna Jane has always had a passion for music. Fed on a diet of 90s MTV, Corinna’s childhood was surrounded by music. By the age of 5 she had taken up piano and singing lessons and by her teens had established her own style of songwriting.

‘Three Faces Of You’ represents that unique songwriting style with fascinating lyrics that take follow an interesting narrative. The song is influenced by a relationship Corinna once had with someone who lived in their own fantasy world with multiple personalities controlling him.

Watch the live video for ‘Three Faces Of You’ here:

Singer-songwriter Homesick Mick due to release ‘Black Hole Friday’ alongside #philipfreefriday campaign

British singer-songwriter Homesick Mick is set to release his 4 track EP ‘Black Hole Friday’ in time for the annual Black Friday. Alongside the EP Mick has created #philipfreefriday, a campaign to persuade Sir Philip Green to pay back the BHS pensions to his former staff.

‘Black Hole Friday’ is a small taster of the LP to come in early 2017 titled ‘The Mysterious Abduction & Return of Homesick Mick’. The album was recorded in multiple studios and mastered at Abbey Rd.

Watch the campaign videos below:

Track review: ‘The Gone-Away World’ by Gerald Clark (The Great Divide)

Gerald Clark’s ‘The Gone-Away World’ is exactly the the kind of track you can imagine would provide the perfect soundtrack to a deep and meaningful film.

Honest lyrics and clean piano tones combine with pure vocals to create an evocative and thought provoking track that becomes even more emotive upon the introduction of the string section, which adds a sense of epic-ness to the track that one might compare with the likes of Elbow.

Held together by a simple drum beat, ‘The Gone-Away World’ Clark demonstrates simplistic songwriting at its best, where the lyrics and their meaning can take centre stage, rather than being overshadowed by the music.

The track, along with the other two on Clark’s Ibrahim EP, explore the feeling of being caught up between the ‘old world’ and the new, yet feeling a kind of loyalty to the traditions of the past and being unable to fully embrace the value system of the present.

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