‘Love Songs For Scarlett’: Debut EP from Tuffet Bunnies

‘Love Songs For Scarlett’ is the debut EP from Los Angeles based folk musician Clem Darling, who is otherwise known as Tuffet Bunnies. The debut EP from the folk artist is a collection of love songs (as you can tell from the name) dedicated to Darling’s circus performer girlfriend. Clem describes the songs as though… Read More ‘Love Songs For Scarlett’: Debut EP from Tuffet Bunnies

‘Happy Matters’- Everything Under

Electro-rock band Everything Under have followed up their storming single ‘Team’ with the equally 80s infused ‘Happy Matters’. Aiming to reinvent the electronic rock genre and make it more accessible to all, EU have developed their industrial sound, blending 80s synth-pop with a dark, brooding overtone. After losing his sister in a car crash, front-man, Mark… Read More ‘Happy Matters’- Everything Under

Track Review: Injin’s ‘Tennessee’

The mysterious Injin’s ‘Tennessee’ is a track of intrigue with a truly unique sound. Deep resonating synths combine with a swirling woodwind section to create a never-heard-before amalgamation of both natural and fabricated sounds. The track will be sure to strike a chord with lovers of 80s music, with echoing vocals reminiscent of Jim Kerr… Read More Track Review: Injin’s ‘Tennessee’