Wings of Pegasus ‘That’s Metal (To My Ears)’

  • Single from debut album ‘Persistence’ out May 10th
  • Raising money for Cancer Research UK through the ‘Make Chart History’ Campaign 

Hard rock with an 80s twist inspired by the likes of Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Aerosmith, Dokken and more, Wings of Pegasus are a rock band with a big sound and a fresh approach to the music industry. With new single ‘That’s Metal (To My Ears)’ due in May, the band are running a campaign called ‘Make Chart History’, aiming to take the independent release to the very top of the charts, all the while donating the proceeds to Cancer Research UK.

Wings of Pegasus

Hoping to whip up a groundswell of support, songwriter Fil Henley is working hard to spread the word on the campaign as well as the single itself – an independently produced homage to old 80’s bands with big hair and screeching guitar solos. Designed to encourage listeners to dust off the air guitar, it’s great fun and the most light hearted track on the ‘Persistence’ album, which is out now.

Produced in house by Henley, who taught himself the techniques to keep the band independent, the song is the perfect catalyst for the charity drive and ‘Make Chart History’ campaign to hang on. Key tastemakers Leona Graham of Absolute Radio and John Kennedy at XFM have already voiced their support for Wings of Pegasus’ music, and the band are working hard to continue getting the word out.


‘Make Chart History’ campaign links –

‘Modern Life’ The Sensational New Album From Si Cranstoun

SI_C_ML_APRROVED  small(1)


How better to introduce Si Cranstoun other than with this killer line: Bobby Brooks Wilson (son of Jackie) once said about Cranstoun;   “sounding so much like my father it scares me”. Does that say it all?

Cranstoun’s carer hails from humble beginnings after spending years performing on the streets, his album is the product of good ole hard work!

‘Modern Life’ is the new album from Cranstoun and is available now. Get your copy here:

Cranstoun’s music offers an uplifting blend of northern soul, Motown and vintage pop. That is a classy throwback to the classic sound of the early sixties. His look in check, he’s got it all going on when it comes to delivering

You might have seen Cranstoun’s face about recently as he has been making waves across the scene. Catch him in action in his ‘Dance For Evermore’ video here:


Keep up with Si here:



The UK supports REAL music as vintage superstar Si Cranstoun gains playlisting with BBC Radio Two

Having just got on the BBC Radio Two B list, things are certainly looking up for Britain’s Bublé, Si Cranstoun.

With a truly vintage sound and voice that’s out of this world, it’s fantastic to see such a talented artist get the recognition they deserve! Whilst supporting The Overtones Cranstoun saw a lot of success, with merchandisers saying they’d never seen anything like it before. With such a raw talent it’s great to see people going crazy for good old fashioned REAL music. With Radio Two backing this amazing track (Caught In The Moonlight) I really hope this marks a change in the music industry and that we will head back towards more authentic artists like Si Cranstoun.

If you love Jackie Wilson, Michael Bublé and Sam Cook, then this is right up your street so support REAL music and getting listening to this talented guy right NOW!

If this artist were a biscuit, they’d be: Gotta be a classic…Custard Cream!