Nej!Las – The Easy Way into Techno

We’ll be the first to admit we won’t win any pub quizzes on the subject of techno music, but we reckon this is excellent stuff. Forget your impenetrable swampy beats all merging into one at a club on a Saturday night, this is far nearer to Hans Zimmer’s scores and moody, atmospheric driving music. Though still a somewhat shadowy figure, Nej!Las is also the founder of a charity which has seen millions of pounds raised for children around the world, so we think this is worth a few minutes of your time even more than usual. Give it a spin, you might surprise yourselves.


Video: ‘Go Your Way’ by Voldo Blanka

Canadian electronic artist Voldo Blanka is here with his latest single ‘Go Your Way’ and the beautifully shot accompanying video. Having formally been part of blues rock band Head of the Herd, Voldo, otherwise known as Neu, is taking a detour into the world of electronic music which he clearly has a knack for!

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Album Review: ‘Interplanetary Class Classics’ by The Moonlandingz

When I first heard Fat White Family’s debut album Champagne Holocaust, four years ago, I knew that I was listening to the most important band of that time. Heavily influenced by The Fall and The Country Teasers – the Fat Whites created an album, that certainly lyrically, was much more interesting than anything else at the time.

As well as the electric live shows, the band’s follow up: ‘Songs For Our Mothers’ cemented their status as the most interesting band in the UK. So when I discovered the songwriting partnership of the South London band, singer Lias Saoudi and guitarist Saul Adamczewski, had begun a side project, I was eager to find out what other musical interests they were influenced by.

Saoudi, who adopts the alter ego of fictional narcissist Jonny Rocket on the album, and Adamczewski, have teamed up with Sheffield electro-duo, Eccentronic Research Council, to create The Moonlandingz’ synth-pop driven debut album Interplanetary Class Classics. The album also features Yoko Ono, whose son and friend of the band, Sean, deploys psychedelic guitar on the track ‘Sweet Saturn Mine’. Rebecca Taylor of Snow Club, drummer Ross Orton, bassist Mairead O’Connor and Randy Jones, the cowboy from The Village People, complete the line-up.

The album opener ‘Vessels’ begins with heavy drumming and Saoudi’s low vocals drenched with fuzzy guitar that eventually leads to the front-man returning to the voice that served him so well on Fat Whites’ debut in the chorus. Like ‘Vessels’, tracks such as ‘Sweet Saturn Mine’ and ‘Black Hanz’ are undeniably catchy pop tunes, where the lyrics apply the same sinister, ironic outlook Saoudi has used many times. For example, in ‘I.D.S’, written about everyone’s favourite bastard Iain Duncan Smith, Saoudi expresses his displeasure at Duncan’s policies, singing: “40,000 years of job club.”

Saoudi channels his inner Lou Reed on the album’s best track, ‘The Strangle Of Anna’, paying homage to Reed’s New York band with they lyric: “I made you listen to Sunday morning, you spit it out across the parquet flooring.” The song also has elements of The Velvet Underground’s ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’, with Rebecca Taylor’s impressive PJ Harvey-like vocals. The Moonlandingz wrap it up with Yoko Ono wailing on the electronically-led ‘The Cities Undone’, which also features The Human League’s Phil Oakey.

This album, musically, doesn’t offer anything too original, but nothing does these days, it seems fairly impossible. But in an era where most popular music makes me want to die, it’s refreshing to see the likes of Saoudi not pretending to be a wild original or taking himself too seriously. And much like the Fat Whites, The Moonlandingz’ debut is lyrically, heads and shoulders above the majority of the landfill-indie that occupies popular guitar music today.

Joe Forte

Atticus emerges from the underground with ‘These Walls’

Emerging into the fray of contemporary electronic music is singer-songwriter, Atticus. With a powerful electronic sound, combined with an indie aesthetic, Atticus seems to already have cracked the recipe for modern music that breaks boundaries and offers something just a little different.

Over his career as a musician, Atticus has played around with a number of genres but has found a home for his raspy, yet enticing vocals in the electronic category.

The new single ‘These Walls’ is a track that breaks out, both sonically and metaphorically from anything you’ve heard before, blending an ambient James Blake like atmosphere with swelling bass lines and evocative, jarring beats.

After unfortunately losing his Mother at the tender age of 16, Atticus is a songwriter who channels his emotions into his music and the result is a form of intriguing music with a meaningful background too.

‘These Walls’ is out for release 24th March 2017.

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The New Album ‘Leaves, Sadness, Science’ by Marilyn Carino

Marilyn Carino is an experienced artist who has collaborated and shared stages with a number of notable musicians including Samuel T. Herring (Future Islands), Black Star, David Byrne and renowned producers Sly and Robbie, but she has recently released her second solo album that truly displays her quality as an experimental musician.

Having released her debut record, Little Genius, in 2011, Carino has developed her sound further encapsulating dynamic electronic vibes with hints of many other genres which only add to the experimentation. Leaves, Sadness, Science fuses elements of hip-hop and soul with Marilyn’s signature vocals, making for a potent combination, unheard of anywhere else.

Marilyn played every role in the creation of the new album, writing, recording and mastering it all to her high production standards. The outcome is a collection spacey and moody grooves, driven by synths and complex beats, covering topics as varied as sex and radical self-expression.

Carino was also the founder of vintage-electro group, Mudville, who won best song at the 2008 Independent Music Awards. From this experience, Marilyn has become a supremely talented musician with endless ideas and ambition that makes her music stand out from the crowd.

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Kid Cupid release the atmospheric ‘Broken Down’

You may not have heard of Kid Cupid yet, but you’re certain to in the near future. With a stunningly contemporary electro-pop vibe, comparable to that of London Grammar and The XX, the band are making waves in the scene with their beautifully melodic track, ‘Broken Down’.

The London based group have a unique approach to songwriting, tackling the bigger issues at hand, instead of adhering to the convention of songs about love and relationships. This is exemplified clearly in ‘Broken Down’ which addresses the idea of someone fighting back against an oppressive force and making a change for the better.

Kid Cupid focus on musical elements that complement lead vocalist Laura Shaw’s strong and charming voice. Layered vocals are also used in a number of their tracks, whereby the band join their vocals together, creating a deep, enchanting sound. Geordie singer Shaw is also an advocate for equality in the music industry and feels strongly about current attitudes worldwide towards gender divides, which clearly has an influence on the music of Kid Cupid.

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‘Happy Matters’- Everything Under

Electro-rock band Everything Under have followed up their storming single ‘Team’ with the equally 80s infused ‘Happy Matters’.

Aiming to reinvent the electronic rock genre and make it more accessible to all, EU have developed their industrial sound, blending 80s synth-pop with a dark, brooding overtone.

After losing his sister in a car crash, front-man, Mark J. Heidecke diverted his grief by enrolling at a digital arts college in California where he learnt the trades of sound design, music theory and performance. Alongside Mark’s sound engineering techniques, he also taught himself how to play guitar and keyboard, with which he authored 34 new EU tracks that were mastered by world renowned sound engineer Bernie Grundman.

Eventually moving back to Illinois, Mark quickly employed the talents of Jeff Lane and Kevin T. Jones who completed the band’s lineup.

‘Happy Matters’ is also accompanied by a psychedelic music video that perfectly visualizes the vibe of Everything Under’s music.