Nej!Las – The Easy Way into Techno

We’ll be the first to admit we won’t win any pub quizzes on the subject of techno music, but we reckon this is excellent stuff. Forget your impenetrable swampy beats all merging into one at a club on a Saturday night, this is far nearer to Hans Zimmer’s scores and moody, atmospheric driving music. Though still a somewhat shadowy figure, Nej!Las is also the founder of a charity which has seen millions of pounds raised for children around the world, so we think this is worth a few minutes of your time even more than usual. Give it a spin, you might surprise yourselves.


Catchy single ‘This Is What You Get’ from DIY pop artist Linah Is

smallLinah 10

Big-haired dance-pop diva, Linah Is, is set to make a mark in the industry with her exciting new vivacious sound.

Her ridiculously catchy new single ‘This Is What You Get’ centres around the difficulties faced in relationships. It’s set to a bright backdrop of old-skool piano rolls and groovy bass.

The UK DIY artist takes influence from r&b idols like James Brown and Diana Ross.


Bentley Jones stuns with new EP, ‘The Prequel’

Song smith Bentley Jones returns with a glowing new release combining rock, pop and electronica to create a unique sound and style. This is the most streamline release you will hear this year and something you don’t want to miss out on.

Most artists would be content in achieving less than half of what Bentley Jones has managed to over his illustrious career. His first single debuted at #5 in the Japanese Charts without any promotion and he was the first British artist to release a Japanese album on a major label. He also recorded and performed with May J and achieved several chart topping dance hits for the likes of Madonna,, Sia and Ariana Grande to name just a few!

Having been compared to David Guetta, and Avicii, Bentley Jones is keen to cement his place as a leading performer and so far he’s been successful in that aim.  Jones has collaborated with Curtis Young who happens to be the son of Dr Dre, on a number of releases. His version of “West End Girls” was adored by Neil Tenant and even Lady Gaga follows him on Twitter!

Listen to ‘Follow You Down’ here:

Although Bentley is loved by the industry and fans alike, he feels it is time for change, and looks to  explore the social conformities and pigeon holed genres that are associated with male artists in his music. Having come from a labour orientated family, Bentley knows the meaning of hard work and has strived his whole life to achieve success which he feels often contrasts with the manufactured pop stars of today’s world.

Bentley Jones is a very diverse character. Not only a musician and writer, Bentley was part of a string of sold out shows with the Birmingham Opera were he utilised his extensive dance talents to great acclaim. He is also a trained fitness instructor, gymnast and swimmer whilst also being a fantastic dancer and extraordinary singer.

His infectious pop laden hooks and variance in genres and styles makes Bentley Jones an instant hit. His new tracks ooze class and style whilst getting your head bobbing and feet tapping. It is a testament to his musical genius that he manages to adhere to the established genres that made him famous whilst also being able to incorporate new influences to create truly original sounds.

Melodically, sonically and lyrically Bentley Jones has created a flawless release which will appeal to people of all walks of life and tastes in music. The EP will be released on August 31st.



Bentley Jones - Nothing Everything Press Shot

Highly anticipated Fjokra EP ‘Thoughtsteps’ arrives June 9th

Influenced by a list of genres and artists taking in classical, metal, funk, jazz and more, Fjokra is an artist who is nigh on impossible to pigeonhole.

Born in Dublin and now living in London, he is a multi-instrumentalist whose music takes in so many different ideas and angles that to tie him down to one genre or style is a fool’s errand – just as it seems you have his sound sussed, a new idea will come and slap you in the face. And that’s just the way Fjokra likes it.

Watch Alpines’ video for ‘No Other Lover’

With the release of their long-awaited debut album little more than a month away, Alpines have now revealed their tropical-edged video for their infectious new track ‘No Other Lover’.

Premiered by fashion site Grazia, the ‘No Other Lover’ video is clean-cut and stylish, mirroring Alpines’ distinctive pop sound, which infuses electronics with high tempo, four-to-the-floor rhythms and you can watch the video here

Having gained support from the likes of Huw Stephens at BBC Radio 1 and Lauren Laverne on 6music, Alpines look set to breakthrough to the mainstream this year with their widely anticipated debut album ‘Oasis’, which is out via Untrue Records on 26th May.

Bestival headliners: Nile Rodgers

Nile Rodgers has been announced as one of the special Sunday headliners for Bestival this summer.  He has dominated music headlines for the past year or so and it’s great to see him at Bestival!


Few were more excited than DJ Rob da Bank:“Ever since I first booked Chic and Nile for Bestival a few years back they have hands down been the best live band we’ve ever had at Bestival and Camp Bestival. And once people start realising how many hits Nile has written and produced for artists ranging from Madonna and David Bowie through to Daft Punk’s Get Lucky you realise this is just one huge disco jukebox that is gonna keep firing out the hits all night! Everybody Dance!”  


Following a precedent set by Fatboy Slim aboard HMS Bestival last year; Chic will be performing a themed show called the Desert Island Disco Finale, exclusive to Bestival. With an awe-inspiring litany of pop music’s greatest hits from “Le Freak (Aw Freak Out)” and “Good Times” to “Let’s Dance” and “Like A Virgin”.

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If Nile Rodgers was a biscuit, he would be: a macaroon