Pablo & the Appleheads – Zaida

Pablo Villavecchia, born in Barcelona, moved between Barcelona and Boston, brought back all that experience, added in a great guitarist, Joan Vinyals, drummer Pete and bassist Joe Lewis to create Pablo and The Appleheads.

Pablo and his ‘Appleheads’ return with their new track ‘Zaida’, taken from their album ‘Alessandra’, named after the singer’s girlfriend. The new song displays a vintage aesthetic, taking influence from bands like Oasis and The Beatles (a comparison that is regularly made for them), giving the band a vintage feel to a modern sound.

Pablo and the Appleheads presents us with a style that captures the true indie and pop essence, with inspiration taken from all the classic acts of the genre. Bands such as The Police, David Bowie, The Kooks and many other legendary musicians. This harmony of modern sounds with vintage influences presents us with an outstanding mix of old and new that gives us the all best parts of acts we know and love, all in one.

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