Superfood- Bambino


Words: Dylan Salter-Payne

It’s been 3 years since the release of Superfood’s first album Don’t Say That, but I can safely say that Bambino is well worth the wait. During their time off, they’ve shifted from a quartet to a duo – emerging with a markedly different sound to the first album. As front man Dom described it ‘beat orientated funk with a rock edge’.

Bambino is an experiment with sound, and you can tell the duo have had fun producing this record. There are playful echoes throughout, from the first released ‘Double Dutch’ to the title itself. Dom describes it as ‘a fitting title because we were playing really, experimenting’ which you can see from the real variation between tracks on the album. There’s infectiously energetic songs like ‘Unstoppable’, which features a sample from Prince Buster, juxtaposed with slower paced tracks like ‘Wibble Mtn’ and ‘C is for Colour’ that veer into electronic territory.

A reoccurring theme in every song however, is the impressive fusion of textures and shifting tempos which make it constantly exciting. This blend of sound is definitely going to make for fantastic festival sets as the band are making appearances at Reading and Leeds, Beyond The Tracks and Festival No.6 before they head off on their October UK headline tour.

There’s no stopping Superfood either, as in November they’re on the road again supporting Wolf Alice, giving them the opportunity to bring their distinctive music to huge venues and ‘realise visually and sonically in big venues’ what the Superfood experience really is. From speaking to Dom it’s clear he’s passionate about the future for the band and sees Bambino as a platform from which they can keep developing and delving into how their sound can evolve.

Against the competitive backdrop of Birmingham with indie heavy hitters like Peace and Jaws, Bambino is a statement from Superfood that they can definitely hold their own. In our interview, Dom hinted that the next album is already in the works so I can only hope it comes sooner rather than later, as if the duo can keep producing this fresh and indisputably unique sound big things are sure to come.

Bambino will be released on the 8th September 2017.

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