Furnace and the Fundamentals at The Portland Arms 23/08/17

Use of alliteration is strong with Australian cover band ‘Furnace and the Fundamentals’,
where they raided Portland Arms on the 23 rd this month, delivering a performance that no one was quite expecting. The idea of a cover band may not appeal to the ears of most gig going individuals, as they want something fresh and unique in this modern age.

However, ‘Furnace’ brought the high voltage performance and throwback hits which rung in a larger crowd than they started with. Dressed in their Sunday best, (with a touch of glitter from front-man Furnace) the 6 piece group smashed through a set filled with classic pop and head banging anthems that range across various decades, showing endless versatility.

As a younger viewer, I may not have related as personally to the song’s lyrics and familiarity, but the momentum was there in that room, was if it were being played live by the actual band with the same energy from the performers and
soon after, the audience.

Hitting on hits such as “I was made for lovin’ you” by Kiss, “Blurred
Lines”, “Billie Jean” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”, they invited conga dancing and merriment.

It’s no easy task to perform song after song barely taking a breather in between, but they
certainly gave it all they got and ruled the night. Lachlan Nicholson cranked out killer keytar solos and drummer Mike Solo impressed with ingenious trills and clever transitions while adding life to the set.

These guys break any stigma about cover bands and prove their killer potential, with Portland Arms barely holding their shenanigans.

Check out more here:


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