Five O Five: Young Italian indie band delivers new single

A group of four determined 18 year olds emerges from the east coast of Italy to bring you a an indie sound resembling The Arctic Monkeys, with their new single “Where They Bring Sophie.” From their recently recorded record @Y&! with Giuseppe Fiori as their producer, this single exemplifies well done garage indie-rock, with poppy undertones, starting in with a catchy guitar riff and banger beat. It’s vibrant and fast paced, clocking in at just over 2 minutes bursting with youthful sound.

Inspired originally by the likes of The Beatles, The White Stripes and The Arctic Monkeys, members Piero and Andrea took a shot at their own music, finding an extreme, unstoppable passion. Ricardo and Alessandro joined the line-up later on, and they had themselves a killer act. The band has been known to take an experimental approach to songwriting, using a cultivation of random non-sensical keyboard and animal noise and turning it into a polished, legit sound. Their live repertoire includes playing at the Adriatic Bowl for the International Skate Contest, seating 2500 people.

We can expect to see great things from these guys in the future. There’s never too many young Italian indie bands out there right?

-words by Daniel Hunwick

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