Salute Music Makers Competition

Ever thought all the X-Factor and The Voice contestants all seem pretty similar? The same sounding backing track? The same sort of songs? The same aspirations? Well, if this is something that sounds boring to you then the Salute Music Makers Competition may be for you. Representing a multi-cultural diversity, this new music competition platform empowers the singer/songwriter in all genres. The competition claims to ‘change the face of UK music’, with the cash prize of £50,000 to kick start your career in the music industry, on your own terms with no strings attached. It was the idea of entrepreneurs Lars Bylehn, Jean- Claude Charnier, Patrick Butterfield, Minesh Patel and Michael Bylehn and the face of the competition is ex-front-man of The Undertones Feargal Sharkey…. How exciting!

Their main aim is to redefine and reposition writers, whilst supporting and empowering DIY UK talent. Sounds great for aspiring musicians who are part of the next generation of unsigned artists. The idea behind the project is to create an accessible and fair opportunity for a diverse range of music makers to showcase their wide range of talents.

The competition features an app, where the ‘music makers’ will be allowed to upload an example of their music. Following this, a listening phase will follow. During this time, the Salute team, along with respected curators, will listen, rate and evaluate the applications, narrowing down the applicants to a top 100. The next step is a public vote to whittle the top 100 to a final 6, each of the top six will go home with £10,000 and participate in the Salute Finals TV show. The contestants are encouraged to perform their own material each week under a different theme. This helps to steer the competition away from the ‘karaoke style’ of other singing competitions.

You can enter the competition from April 27th until 30th July. The top 100 artists will be revealed by 15th October. GOOD LUCK.

Salute_Logo_Black copy.jpg

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