The New Album ‘Leaves, Sadness, Science’ by Marilyn Carino

Marilyn Carino is an experienced artist who has collaborated and shared stages with a number of notable musicians including Samuel T. Herring (Future Islands), Black Star, David Byrne and renowned producers Sly and Robbie, but she has recently released her second solo album that truly displays her quality as an experimental musician.

Having released her debut record, Little Genius, in 2011, Carino has developed her sound further encapsulating dynamic electronic vibes with hints of many other genres which only add to the experimentation. Leaves, Sadness, Science fuses elements of hip-hop and soul with Marilyn’s signature vocals, making for a potent combination, unheard of anywhere else.

Marilyn played every role in the creation of the new album, writing, recording and mastering it all to her high production standards. The outcome is a collection spacey and moody grooves, driven by synths and complex beats, covering topics as varied as sex and radical self-expression.

Carino was also the founder of vintage-electro group, Mudville, who won best song at the 2008 Independent Music Awards. From this experience, Marilyn has become a supremely talented musician with endless ideas and ambition that makes her music stand out from the crowd.

Find out more on Marilyn Carino here:



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