Kid Cupid release the atmospheric ‘Broken Down’

You may not have heard of Kid Cupid yet, but you’re certain to in the near future. With a stunningly contemporary electro-pop vibe, comparable to that of London Grammar and The XX, the band are making waves in the scene with their beautifully melodic track, ‘Broken Down’.

The London based group have a unique approach to songwriting, tackling the bigger issues at hand, instead of adhering to the convention of songs about love and relationships. This is exemplified clearly in ‘Broken Down’ which addresses the idea of someone fighting back against an oppressive force and making a change for the better.

Kid Cupid focus on musical elements that complement lead vocalist Laura Shaw’s strong and charming voice. Layered vocals are also used in a number of their tracks, whereby the band join their vocals together, creating a deep, enchanting sound. Geordie singer Shaw is also an advocate for equality in the music industry and feels strongly about current attitudes worldwide towards gender divides, which clearly has an influence on the music of Kid Cupid.

Find out more on the band here:



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