‘Cardboard Love’ by The Hallows

Alternative indie-pop band, The Hallows, have returned with their beautiful new single, ‘Cardboard Love’ taken from the album Of Time and Tides.

The music of The Hallows explores life, relationships and how things can change over time. Honing their individual sound, The Hallows are an enchanting amalgamation of sounds including those of Kate Bush, Muse, Portishead and Tori Amos.

Having met at University and sharing a house together, the trio have formed a tight knit unit which is reflected in their well-crafted approach to songwriting and musicianship.

‘Cardboard Love’ is a beautifully emotive track employing an intricate intro guitar riff, along with Sarah Rodriguez’s resonating vocals and a truly goose-bump inducing violin break (in a good way, of course). That’s all before the electric guitar comes in with its own satisfying solo.

The way in which The Hallows blend a number of genres and styles simply exhibits their quality as musicians and how they can take inspiration from something and mould it into their own unique concoction.

Since forming, the group have been hands on with all aspects of their music including coming up with video concepts, artwork, set design, production and blogging.

The trio were largely involved in the creation of the music video for ‘Cardboard Love’, which you can watch here! The video is an intriguing one, featuring the band playing in some kind of secret club within a castle where a very odd game of poker ensues.

Overall, ‘Cardboard Love’ is an expertly put together piece of indie-pop that you’ll have to listen to more than once.

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