Corinna Jane releases live video for quirky ‘Three Faces Of You’

From supporting Leddra Chapman to being a guest vocalist on one of DJ Mark-Oh’s track, independent singer-songwriter Corinna Jane has already got her foot in the door. Corinna has created her own unique style driven by her quirky personality. With a background in acting, presenting and modelling, she has never been afraid to be herself. This is shown in her feisty single ‘Three Faces Of You’, which was released with a live video. The video has strong resemblance to the likes of Fleetwood Mac and No Doubt.

Corinna Jane has always had a passion for music. Fed on a diet of 90s MTV, Corinna’s childhood was surrounded by music. By the age of 5 she had taken up piano and singing lessons and by her teens had established her own style of songwriting.

‘Three Faces Of You’ represents that unique songwriting style with fascinating lyrics that take follow an interesting narrative. The song is influenced by a relationship Corinna once had with someone who lived in their own fantasy world with multiple personalities controlling him.

Watch the live video for ‘Three Faces Of You’ here:

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