Track review: ‘The Gone-Away World’ by Gerald Clark (The Great Divide)

Gerald Clark’s ‘The Gone-Away World’ is exactly the the kind of track you can imagine would provide the perfect soundtrack to a deep and meaningful film.

Honest lyrics and clean piano tones combine with pure vocals to create an evocative and thought provoking track that becomes even more emotive upon the introduction of the string section, which adds a sense of epic-ness to the track that one might compare with the likes of Elbow.

Held together by a simple drum beat, ‘The Gone-Away World’ Clark demonstrates simplistic songwriting at its best, where the lyrics and their meaning can take centre stage, rather than being overshadowed by the music.

The track, along with the other two on Clark’s Ibrahim EP, explore the feeling of being caught up between the ‘old world’ and the new, yet feeling a kind of loyalty to the traditions of the past and being unable to fully embrace the value system of the present.

Find out more on Gerald Clark here:

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