Exciting new pop act Jazz Mino- track review

The new single ‘Hurt’ from pop artist Jazz Mino is a heavily techno inspired track which is really an uplifting listen! The track as a whole is pumped full of energy and passion it is the perfect reflection of her love of making music! With playful lyrics and a good rhythm throughout, Jazz has created an electro/pop sound which is similar to that of pop in the ‘80s. This trait has, luckily, made its way back into today’s music scene. This track has a youthful vibe throughout which means that right from the start I found myself tapping my feet along! It’ll be heard to resist getting up out of your set when you hear this. The cheerfully cheeky sound accompanied by the techno vibes makes for a song you can easily get lost in. This is a track which will please even the pickiest of listeners!

I could very easily image Jazz playing at a sunny summer festival to a large crowd who would, I am sure, be enjoying themselves and letting their hair down to her brilliant sound! I really look forward to hearing what comes next for Jazz Mino, I hope this track will propel her to the level of success that she deserves. Her sound could be the perfect addition to the charts at the moment.


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