Matty T Wall REVIEW

I have to admit that I was not overly familiar with Matty T Wall when his music popped into my inbox this morning. Despite this, I took a listen and was instantly pleased!

The guy is a brilliantly talented guitar virtuoso who has filled this most recent singly ‘Blue Skies’ full of bluesy sounds and infectiously catchy guitar riffs. He has really managed to create a unique sounding blues/ jazz track which has influences from rock whilst still paying much respect to the true blues masters that he has learnt his craft from.

You can get a taste of the Matty T Wall’s music here:

It is not hard to believe that Matty has spent many years studying numerous disciplines in order to gain invaluable experience and a mature and well crafted and polished sound to his music. He is really taking the genre of blues to a whole new level and opening it up to all ages and fans of all music types!

Overall, this is a fantastic track and one that I would really recommend that you go and listen to you will most certainly not regret it! I really hope that this track pushes Matty further on his musical journey and earns him the recognition and level of success that he and his talent really deserve.

You can purchase the album here:





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