EP Review: Free From Gravity – Saints and Sinners

EP Cover

The opening to Free From Gravity’s fantastic EP makes me feel very reminiscent of the likes of Pink Floyd whilst insinuating more along the lines of Kaiser Chiefs. Crazy Lady features a glorious chorus drenched guitar in the verses which brings the romantic and euphoric feeling behind the track. In support of the lead vocal there are some very creative backing vocals that cannon between the voices.

The track ‘Saints&Sinners’ sports an incredible guitar solo that I found myself turning the track up for in order to fully feel the music shake my chest. the classic rock feeling puts an image of American bikers cruising down the highway and gives a feeling of inclusiveness with the double and triple tracked lead vocals.

‘Step Into The Room’ is a very uplifting piece that inspires the listener to “step out of the dark and into the light” followed by another fantastic guitar solo that after the motivational lyrics empowers them. I feel that the track is a great way to finish the EP as it has kept me wanting more and feeling hopeful for a great album in the future.

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