Beautifully relaxing listen ‘Circus’

The brand new EP from Daisy and The Dark ‘Circus’ is a beautifully relaxing listen. The EP begins with the title track which features a strong oxymoron between the lyrics and the music. Whilst the lyrics explain of a hectic, fast past cicrcus environment, the music is controlled, calming and more peaceful than the rushed fast tempo you might expect when looking at the lyrics. The tracks also focus perfectly on Daisy’s soft soprano tone allowing it to soothe the ears of the listener.

Stream lead single ‘Circus’ here:

‘Circus’ also has an accompanying video which interestingly  was an all female production team. The video also focus’ on the song with moments of fire reflecting the intensity and passion of the song whilst not detracting the viewers focus. Directed by critically acclaimed Shreepali Patel the video is the perfect accompaniment to this relaxing track. Overall, this ethereal track, featuring subtle strings,  is one to watch in the coming months.




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