New groovy single ‘With You’ from The Northcoast

The Northcoast

The first few notes of ‘With You’ introduce an eclectic pop sound influenced by the eighties that has been molded into a new age to create a unique sound amongst today’s music scene. Their powerful rhythm makes for a catchy tune that is sure to stick in the minds of its fans long after listening.

The rocky guitar riff and bubbly melodies that remain throughout are fun and light-hearted, making it perfect for road trips or dancing around the kitchen.
The chorus presents a dip in the background track and a focus on the voice of the singer, making the lyrics seem more personal and allowing a connection between the song and the listener to be created. It is a song that allows one to imagine a utopian crowd surrounding them with each play. The Northcoast have succeeded in creating a single that although stands out, also fits in perfectly to the new age of music that is forming.

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