Erwan featuring Damon Elliott Channel’s the Sun on New Single “Leather Bag”

Simmering with sensual, Balearic sensibility and guided with a bouncing, slinking electric beat, new single “Leather Bag” by Erwan, featuring vocals by Damon Elliott, is the perfect antidote to winter. This peaktime party track is destined to soundtrack terraces, pool parties and oceanic adventures the world over. Not content to simply exist on the dance floor, this track subtly explores the the contradictions that define modern club culture. Employing a retrofuturistic sound, “Leather Bag” sounds classic and new at the same time. Held down with percolating, funky guitar riffs and driving electronic flourishes, this crossover anthem is ready to unite dance floors around the world with its enthusiastic and fun approach to social commentary concealed within a fun, radio friendly, EDM package.

Paris born Erwan knows a thing or two about crafting an island jam. This graduate of the Berklee School of Music in Boston spends a good part of his time in the sun drenched isle of San Tropez. From there he focuses his energy on producing taut and accessible electronic music. “Leatherbag” is the first single from this artist’s forthcoming debut album, “Change the Game”.

Grammy winner Damon Elliott is no stranger to success. This dynamic producer and vocalist has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry and it shows on his performance on “Leather Bag”. Elliot’s vocal delivery is accessible and engaging, his hypnotic performance holding down the track. Soulful while still being fun, Damon Elliott is the perfect singer to swagger his way through a tropical paradise like the “Leather Bag” single.

Recorded at Palm Studio in Las Vegas, “Leather Bag” sees Erwan in full control. This single contains an equal mix of sun and fun, the perfect recipe for a tropical excursion, a voyage in sound, through the heart of island culture with Erwan and Damon Elliot, your guides to the sights and sounds of the beachlife. This uptempo track is infectious and memorable, destined to soundtrack party life around the world, channeling sunshine and spreading fun around the globe. “Leather Bag” is a huge debut for Erwan, this track’s joyful energy and driving beats, the perfect solution and a reminder that the sunny, carefree days of summer travel are just around the corner!

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