The UK supports REAL music as vintage superstar Si Cranstoun gains playlisting with BBC Radio Two

Having just got on the BBC Radio Two B list, things are certainly looking up for Britain’s Bublé, Si Cranstoun.

With a truly vintage sound and voice that’s out of this world, it’s fantastic to see such a talented artist get the recognition they deserve! Whilst supporting The Overtones Cranstoun saw a lot of success, with merchandisers saying they’d never seen anything like it before. With such a raw talent it’s great to see people going crazy for good old fashioned REAL music. With Radio Two backing this amazing track (Caught In The Moonlight) I really hope this marks a change in the music industry and that we will head back towards more authentic artists like Si Cranstoun.

If you love Jackie Wilson, Michael Bublé and Sam Cook, then this is right up your street so support REAL music and getting listening to this talented guy right NOW!

If this artist were a biscuit, they’d be: Gotta be a classic…Custard Cream!

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