Debut release from Vagabond Flag ‘Not Afraid’ June 27th

Vagabond Flag is somewhat of an enigma. His focus is on the music pure and simple; he made the decision to produce an album of quality music, which he was absolutely proud of, before releasing anything publically. Quite a refreshing approach.

Vagabond Flag’s background is steeped in emotional conflict and tension. He was particularly effected, like most of us, by the 9/11 terror attacks in New York. He started to notice previously thinly masked social divides, he saw that culturally and racially the West was far more paranoid and far less secure than it had previously considered itself. He also saw that the way countries like the US and the UK responded was to compound the effects of terror by clamping down on liberty, rather than working against it. Vagabond Flag’s debut release, ‘Not Afraid’, work with allot of these ideas and puts them into words which resonate politically today.


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