Phil Collins, Alan Sillitoe and jazz; new album from jazz composer and musician John Aram

John Aram is a well known name in the Jazz world. He’s worked with industry greats such as Tim Garland, Kenny Wheeler and Scott Stroman alongside some pretty famous funk names such as  Bob Babbit and the Funk Brothers Band. Alongside these successes he is also the MD at the International School of Geneva and is a regular conductor for the Swiss Jazz Orchestra.

One of Aram’s biggest achievements is working with Phil Collins, he worked a lot with him on the album  ‘Going Back’ (2010).

Aram is now drawing on his past successes with the release of his album ‘You and I’ on the second of June.

If you can’t wait that long however you can check out single ‘EDT (Envie de Toi)’ above, which is to be released May 20th…

If this artist were a biscuit, they’d be: A Smarties Cookie

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