The Lowriders – ‘I Am Soldier’ – Music from the movie soundtrack

Above is a taster of The Lowriders’ latest EP ‘I Am Soldier’. The release, written for and sharing a title with a British film about training for the army, is out on Monday.

Matching the work of some of the UK’s finest indie bands, ‘I Am Soldier’ has a final tracklist of four tracks. The first three are indie based gems full of whirring guitars, pedal effects and tuneful, belted vocals. It’s powerful music, for what I imagine would be a powerful film.

The final track, a dance based remix of the title track ‘I Am Soldier’, loses some of the momentum, but is still decent enough. One thing is clear though, these songs are best served indie.


If this artist were a biscuit, they’d be: A big fat chunky hob nob

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