Step Echo

step-echoStep Echo release ‘Song For The Broken’ in the preamble to releasing their full album (Songs For The Broken) in mid March. Having already received considerable press and radio play for their last album ‘Jagged’ as well as completing 3 HD music videos (available to see here) we are very excited to finally release something new for them! This latest single has already received radio play from Global Onslaught, ICR FM and been included in various radio shows around the world and has only been out 24 hours!

Step Echo consisting of Joel Degonia – vocals, Brian Hamilton – Drums, Les Serran – Guitar, Aki Maris – Bass and Jordan Passfield – Guitars have won various competitions with their music including the 2011 Niagara Music awards and were named Indie band of the year by Image FM, Canada’s biggest indie music station (

‘Song For The Broken’ starts off with some wicked riffs and lead singer Joel Degonia’s voice is fantastic and really stands out amongst rock singers.’

‘This track is simply STUNNING 3 minutes of your time well spent!’


If this band were a biscuit, they’d be: A ROCKY bar

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