Kilindu single ‘O Que o Futuro Nos Traz’ (What the Future Brings) single out now






Multicultural 6 piece open 2014 with brand new single and video

Fusing together an extensive list of styles and influences, Kilindu are a 6 piece band of varying backgrounds who each bring their own flavour to their music. From Lisbon, the band was formed by guitar player Pedro Duarte and singer João Pedreira.

Whether it’s Portuguese ‘Fado’ music, Cape Verde’s traditional ‘Morna’, Brazilian ‘Samba’ or Cuba’s ‘Habanera’, it is a blend of Latin jazz and Indie World Music traditions that serves their debut single well. Tying it all together is the fact that all these styles are derived from a common root – a genre of music called ‘Lundum’ which started in 15th Century Portugal.

Watch the video to ‘O Que o Futuro Nos Traz’ here: 

Conceived as a musical bridge across continents – Europe-Portugal, America-Brazil and Africa-Angola – the band is a collective of musicians who have been playing from a young age. Now they’ve come together to create their own music, resulting in a very active online fan base who work hard to spread the music of the band.


It’s this support that has allowed them to play gigs such as Optimus Alive 2013, where they supported the big name likes of Kings of Leon.




Facebook page:



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