Fernando’s Kitchen: ‘Se Acabo’

Fernando’s Kitchen are a ‘Nu World Fusion’ band that come from all over the world. They are a completely independent band but have a large  fan base and have even sold out venues!

They started off their musical career busking around Cambridge and London for several years.

Since then they have headlined the Tapas Fantasticas Rioja Festival in South Bank, London for four years running, performed on the main stage at Rhythms of The World in 2009 and also at the Royal Opera House bar.

They created most of their songs during their initial busking sessions and due to these sessions millions of people have seen them perform.

Recently back from a tour, Fernando’s Kitchen are releasing their single ‘Se Acabo’ from their album, ‘Musica Fina’. The song is inspired by their love of African and Latin music. It showcases some great acoustic instruments, percussion and soulful vocals.

You can check it out here:




If this artist was a biscuit, it would be: A Macaroon

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