Australian Hip-Hop Artist makes UK Debut!

Gio is a 19 year old rapper all the way from Australia. He is set to make his UK debut with  album ‘Real’ in March of next year.

His single ‘Dear Bup’ will be released on the 15th of January and can be heard here:

Gio grew up in West Melbourne and his life experiences have inspired the raw songs on his new album Real. When writing this album Gio said he was inspired, he didn’t want to be just a rapper any more he wanted to hit the right notes. He titled the album Real because he wanted to highlight the fact that a lot of people get branded as fake, he wants people to know that songs are important and mean something to artists and that makes them real.

Despite being so young, Gio is already making an impact on the music industry, he has played alongside  M-Phazes (who produced a couple of tracks on Eminem’s latest LP the MMLP2), Butterfingers & Mind Over Matter, and has worked with singer Jimmy Cupples and also has received ongoing support from ARIA Award winning rapper 360 since he came to watch Gio’s headlining show in Melbourne.

Gio is a fantastic new artist that could well be the next big thing in Hip Hop…

If this artist was a biscuit, it would be: A Twix

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