The Paul Garner Band – 3 Get Ready

London based trio The Paul Garner Band returned this summer with their first album since downsizing from four to three members, and have barely missed a beat in transition. Since their founding in 2006, the group have spent the last 7 years honing their indie-blues sound and 3 Get Ready (a nod to their new set up?) is a great example of their sound.

The first half of the album is solid, a collection of varied blues tinged tracks that veers into reggae, straight 12 bar blues and a couple of rockier numbers, but the LP really comes into its own in its second half.

Track 6, ‘Louisiana Blues’, opens with some superb clean guitar work over quasi-funk chords which lasts almost a full minute before the bluesy vocal kicks in. The lyrics remain spare throughout, giving ample time to the licks and riffs that truly shine on the guitar. Soon after that, ‘Silver Bullet’ packs a powerful, shuffled punching rhythm. The bass and drums carry the whole track, fostering a deep momentum that never lets up from the minor verse to the ascending chorus.

Finally, album closer ‘Looking For Something’ goes full traditional, a mellow 12 bar blues line shaped by a picked guitar solo that really calls to mind the old school of blues.

If this band were a biscuit, they’d be: a Kit-Kat.

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